July School Holiday Activities on the Mornington Peninsula

I'm bored! Two words all parents despise during any school holiday stint. Back in the day, my mum's solution to this complaint was to make us clean our room - insert exaggerated eye roll here - but there's a limit to how many times you can use this one before anarchy reigns. As a mother … Continue reading July School Holiday Activities on the Mornington Peninsula

What’s On : June 2018

The rains are here but gone are the excuses to hibernate for the winter, as we present you with some soul warming activities across the Mornington Peninsula for the month of June. Some may be surprised by number of events happening in June considering the weather but factoring in the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and our love for the arts, my diary is overflowing with things to do. From markets to music festivals, exhibitions to workshops, there is still so much happening in our neck of the woods.

Hot Arts for Cool Kids – FAC

At some stage in every school holidays there comes a defining moment, usually after the sugar rush of Christmas wears off and long before the first school bell rings. Parents realise that despite their unwavering love for their children they are now questioning their plans for spending so much family time at home baking cookies … Continue reading Hot Arts for Cool Kids – FAC