Easy Easter Paper Egg Mobile

The count down is on! Easter is just around the corner and the shops are filled with Easter paraphernalia of biblical proportions. Hold your chocolate bunnies people…I feel like I’ve just packed the Christmas baubles away!

Each year more and more Easter decorations creep into my house and thus far I’ve resisted the urge to purchase cute ceramic bunnies and baskets of decorative eggs. We like to keep things simple in our house (and where the hell do you keep it for the other 11 months of the year?)

No surprises though, I don’t mind some subtle hand made touches of festive joy, bonus points if it can be packed flat or recycled after the last hot cross bun has been devoured. And no doubt, like me, your kids are keen to upend the craft box and get making then I’ve got just the project for you this Easter.


You will need these simple materials to make the 3D Paper Eggs + a sewing machine

  • patterned card stock – preferably heavier than 160gsm for durability – approx. A5 size (I chose four different patterns and a translucent paper)
  • cardboard to make stencil
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • coloured thread

Take one of the pieces of A5 patterned card stock and fold it in half and then in half again. Repeat for all pieces of patterned paper.

Place the folded paper onto your piece of cardboard (this may just be from a cereal box). Trace around the paper to get the size for your egg template. Draw an egg shape inside the rectangle and cut out. This will be your template for drawing the egg on all pieces of paper.

Use the cardboard egg template to trace the egg on each of your folded pieces of paper. After cutting each one out, you should have four eggs in each pattern.

Choose two different pattern eggs to make each 3D egg. Place them plain side together (pattern on the outside). I also put a layer of the patterned translucent paper in between the other two pieces of paper for added texture but this is not essential. Otherwise you could put a coloured piece of copy paper in between.

Now for the fun part! *Adult assistance required : Put the layers of egg shaped paper together, making sure they line up. Check that you have about 10cm of thread pulled out before sewing so you can use the thread to hang. Sew using a straight stitch and as you sew each one, gently pull it through and gradually feed the next piece through.

It’s up to you how many eggs you put on each length. I did two lengths of 3 eggs and one length of 2 eggs to hang from my mobile. You may decide to do them individually or make one long garland.

Gently fold each egg along the stitching to make your eggs look 3D.

Hang from a stick to make a mobile or hang them individually.

Happy making and happy Easter!!! xLC

*Send me through any pictures of your eggs-ellent creations.

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