Easter School Holidays on the Mornington Peninsula

Hooray! Hands up, who’s looking forward to the school holidays? No lunches to make, no school dresses to iron and no school pick-up thats flies around faster than you can say, ‘I’ll have a skinny flat white, thanks’.

While there is certainly some joy that comes with the break from school, for many people it means having to find childcare while work continues, having all of your kids at home…while you work or you’re on ‘your holidays’ and might just need a break!

Have a peek at some of my favourite school holiday activities and programs to get the kids creating and moving on the Mornington Peninsula. xLC

Creative Kids Club School Holiday Program @ Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington

Monday 8th April – Thursday 18th April | 10am – 12pm daily

$25 per class or $100 for the week | Students 5 – 12 yrs | Check website for full schedule.

Art’n’craft program for kids @ Robyn’s Room, Mornington

Robyn provides children with the opportunity to step out of the traditional art class setting + throw caution to the wind to find their true creative inner self.

Workshops Monday 8th April – Thursday 18th April | 2hr morning or afternoon sessions.

School Holiday Workshops @ Creative Makes, Hastings

There is no limit to the imagination and it seems no limit to the range of workshops at Creative Makes over the holidays! From printing to clay exploration, origami to latch hook, there is plenty for kids of all ages.

‘Decks for Change’ @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Mornington

Work with renowned skate artists and use paints and paint-markers to decorate a refurbished skateboard deck with your own artwork. Enjoy a healthy snack, guidance from experts and all the materials needed to make a skateboard masterpiece a reality. Decks for Change is a not-for-profit organisation that uses skateboarding as a tool to empower and connect. All proceeds from the workshop go towards skateboarding initiatives in developing countries.

Saturday 13th April | 10am – 12pm | Ages 9 – 17 | $35

School Holiday Program with Acro Kids, Mount Eliza

Tuesday 9th April – Thursday 19th April

Get your kids jumping, rolling and cartwheeling through the holidays in a 2 hour workshop or a full day program.

Continuous line drawing with Leyla Bulmer @ Southern Buoy Studios, Mornington

Wednesday 17th April | 10am – 12pm | Ages 12+

‘Leyla is a well-known artist and designer living on the Mornington Peninsula. Leyla is offering an experimental workshop using this single line technique guiding students through many different exercises to explore this way of drawing . A great way to develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.’


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