Hot Arts for Cool Kids – FAC

At some stage in every school holidays there comes a defining moment, usually after the sugar rush of Christmas wears off and long before the first school bell rings. Parents realise that despite their unwavering love for their children they are now questioning their plans for spending so much family time at home baking cookies and watching movies.

I solved this problem yesterday by taking them to ‘Hot Arts for Cool Arts’ at Frankston Arts Centre.

Many school holiday programs and activities invite parents to drop their kids off for a couple of hours while they enjoy a coffee or maybe even some child-free retail therapy. Here in lies the genius of this program – kids bring an accompanying adult…and they have just as much fun as the kids!

My first blessing was leaving my two year old with my husband for some daddy-daughter time and allowing me to focus on my two ‘big’ girls for the day. Surprisingly, we arrived a little early so spent some quiet, little-sister-free, library time at the Frankston Library located at the back of the Frankston Arts Centre.

Upon entering Cube 37 at the front of the Arts Centre, we were warmly welcomed by Heidi at the front desk and given a tour of the different creative areas set up in the awesome space they have. There were areas set up for painting, drawing and sewing. The girls were excited by the huge selection of materials to build and create sculptures with.

Starting in the sewing area, the girls were able to choose a pattern for a cushion, select fabric and set about pinning and cutting out their designs. Now, I’ve dabbled in a bit of sewing in my time so I found this part of the process fun. For some of the other mums there was some frantic recalling of high school sewing classes. The staff there are amazing though and with the help of the lovely Sue and Sue on sewing machines we had whipped up and stuffed our cushions in no time. I even noticed some of the mums proudly teaching their kids how to stitch up their creations!

The larger area at Cube 37 was a hive of activity with plenty of options for all of the kids. My girls were keen to get their hands on a hammer and some nails and create a timber masterpiece their builder dad would be proud of. The independence and determination of my 4 year old is something to behold and to her credit, she could do it herself and she didn’t need (much of) my help to build a little house. Amazing what they can do when we take a step back.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.19.18 pm

The girls spent the rest of the time at the table with AALLLLLL of the craft materials you could imagine in what you might call heaven in the form of a million types of glitter *note massive over exaggeration because well, were talking about school aged girls and glitter! Add some glue, sequins and a few feathers, each of the children at this table walked away with an amazing piece of art. Actually their ‘accompanying adult’ will walk away with it along with their paintings and sculptures and cushions and so that’s why I leave you with things you need to know if you go to ‘Hot Arts for Cool Kids’

– Bring a big bag for all of their glorious creations they are going to want to take home and share with the rest of their family.

– Be thankful for all of the glorious people from FAC helping your kids explore the space – they have the patience and energy of saints.

– Kids love learning from each other, regardless of age or gender and ‘Hot Arts for Cool Kids’ is set up perfectly for this.

– You will learn things about your kids minds and imagination that will blow YOUR mind.

– You may quite possibly have more fun than your kids!

– And glitter being thrown around with reckless abandon without fear of the clean up…priceless.


There are still two days left of this event on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th January but tickets are already sold out for Friday! Go to the Frankston Arts Centre website for tickets for Thursday or more info.


*This is NOT a sponsored post – I just love sharing accessible and affordable arts for kids around the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside.

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