Visit : Pt. Leo Estate

We love being on holidays at ‘home’ and having the time to discover the Mornington Peninsula as a family.

Our adventures took us to Pt. Leo Estate today where the scale of the entrance had our mouths agape even before entering. I love that we were welcomed by a musical boab tree – you’ll understand what I mean when you visit and experience it for yourself!


With three small kids in tow it’s best not to be too ambitious so our main aim was to explore the sculpture park which brought about a lot of interesting discussion around each piece. I love that the kids pointed out what they could see in each art work, with my six year old keen to read about the artists and the medium used for the sculptures. My four year old loved the pink sculpture (surprise, surprise) and my two year old, excited about the open space, happily ran around the winding paths that lead from one sculpture to another.


Also, it’s hard not to be impressed with the view across the entrance of Western Port Bay to Phillip Island beyond, the backdrop to many of the art works. The walk around was relaxing (as it can be with kids) and would be easy to navigate a wheelchair or pram around the park. We spent an hour and a half soaking it all in – the air, the sun + the sculptures.


While the sleek interior of the main building and extensive selection of wines were enticing, we will have to save that for another day…without the kids!



Visit Pt. Leo Estate website here for opening hours, location, facility features and entry.

*This is not a sponsored post. I was just excited to share our successful family outing!


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